Projects funded for 2013-2014


Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (IIHR) ‐ Hydroscience and Engineering Work Plan
Investigators:  Schnoebelen, Weber, Ward. University of Iowa

Distribution, transport, and biogeochemical transformations of agriculturally derived nitrogen and phosphorus in Cedar River watershed
Investigator: Iqbal. University of Northern Iowa

Investigating causes of corn yield decreases following cereal rye winter cover crop
Investigators: Kaspar, Moorman, Robertson, Lenssen. USDA-ARS and Iowa State University

Establishing pragmatically dynamic program for extending water quality BMP financial information: Farmer tools for Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy
Investigator: Tyndall.  Iowa State University

Social-economic research work plan
Investigators: Kling, Wright Morton, Arbuckle, Ingels 

Phosphorus transport in Iowa streams: Importance of stream bed and bank erosion
​Investigators: Isenhart, Kovar, Schilling, Schultz, Thompson, Tomer.  Iowa State University and USDA-ARS

Establishment and monitoring of saturated buffers within high– priority HUC– 12 watersheds
Investigators: Jaynes, Isenhart. USDA-ARS and  Iowa State University

Nonpoint source nitrogen and phosphorous loads at implementation scale: Direct agricultural nutrient loads to surface waters in relation to land use and management
Investigators: Crumpton, Helmers, Schilling, Tomer, Mallarino.  Iowa State University

Impacts of cover crops on phosphorus and nitrogen loss with surface runoff
Investigators: Mallarino, Cruse, Helmers, Sawyer, Jaynes. Iowa State University and USDA-ARS

Bioreactor research and assessment of woodchip tile denitrification bioreactors: Optimal design/performance and experimental bioreactor installation and study
Investigators: Soupir, Wolf. Iowa State University and Iowa Soybean Association